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Car Tuner Module

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      HQCT-V1.0                              HQCT-V2.0                             HQCT-V3.0

The Car Tuner Module is a fully PC controlled car tuner for the use with car PCís.
Besides the features of a high quality car radio it offers some extra features:

  • FM/AM reception (US, Europe, Japan)
  • Fully audio adjustable (Volume, Balance, Fader, Bass, Treble,...)
  • 4 channel pre-output
  • Aux stereo input (for example an IPOD)
  • Navigation voice input (PC independent activation of the tuner module)
  • Car kit telephone input (PC independent activation of the tuner module)
  • USB 2.O controlled
  • 4x50 W HQ Amplifier (HQCT V3.0)
  • And more...

The reception is of a high standard due to the use of a tuner specially designed for car use.

The Car Tuner module comes with a basic control program running on XP and the instruction codes needed to control the module for those who want to develop their own software.

On our download page you can download a road test movie and itís mp3 file.

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